Elite Steel & Blanking was founded by Jeff Kennedy in 1999 as a result of over 40 years of experience. His focus on customer service has kept Elite Steel & Blanking ahead of the curve and continues to be the number one choice when looking for quality products in a timely manner.

Here at Elite Steel & Blanking we operate as a distributor of low and high carbon sheet and plate products as well as high strength low alloy steel. All of our products are processed and created domestically, keeping jobs and money in the midwest instead of over seas. With our strong relationship between domestic steel mills and a wide range of processing capabilities we can get the job done right the first time without tying everyone up in re-processing time and costs.

We are committed to providing all of our customers with a quality product and make deliveries in a timely manner. Our customer centered focus also comes with technical support for our customer portal and answering any questions you may have about our process.